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I know I know. It’s only the beginning of November. And really here in Florida it feels more like May/June. Today is a good day. We’ve had a cold front roll in and it’s only 80 degrees outside (honestly though, I’m just not sure about this particular duty station). As you may have noticed from checking your calendar it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. A time of year that we all can look forward to. The family, the food and, of course, the really great deals that start popping up at stores everywhere.

So why am I talking about Christmas already? We have to give Thanksgiving it’s moment in the spotlight first right?

Well yesterday a friend posted a picture to Facebook of their Christmas Tree decked out in full regalia and let me tell you… I yearned!! Maybe it’s because this is our first fall in Florida and I haven’t been able to enjoy what is by far my favorite season. All I know is that I saw that tree sitting in that picture with lights shining and ornaments sparkling and I WANTED IT! Now there are 2 roadblocks standing in my way:

Roadblock 1. We converted to a real tree a few years ago, when we lived in a place where bundling up to go to the tree farm was a special event. If I were to put a tree up this early it wouldn’t make it to Christmas.

Roadblock 2: My husband might move out. Seriously though. Or maybe he would think I had lost my mind and commit me. Either way, the results would be disastrous.

So what’s a Santa loving girl to do when I can’t scratch my Christmas itch? Well no one said I couldn’t break out my favorite Christmas albums and rock out in the car! So that’s exactly what I’ve done. Which leads me to this post. I was looking through the massive amount of Christmas music I own and it got me thinking about how much variety there was. And then I was thinking about my favorites. My go to albums that play on repeat for as long as I can remember. So I’ve put together a list of my top albums in no particular order- just in case you are looking to mix it up this year.

#1 Celine Dion- These are the Special Times.*


I have been listening to this album since it came out. My mom still plays it every Christmas. Celine Dion’s voice is amazing and her take on the classics, not to mention her own songs, make this my #1 go to album.

#2 A Pentatonix Christmas*


Now this is an album that was just released but it is that good and a new favorite. They have a great variety of styles mixed into one album. I don’t know if you have been living under a rock or not but their rendition of Hallelujah recently took the internet by storm and let me tell you it’s amazing. Here’s the YouTube video if you don’t believe me: Pentatonix Hallelujah

#3 Barbara Streisand- Christmas Memories*


That’s right- Barbara Streisand. I said it. She’s proven herself over and over again and this album is equally amazing. It was one of the first Christmas albums I bought when I moved out and went to college and here I am- still listening to it.

#4 NOW That’s what I call a Country XMAS (2009 version)


Normally I don’t really buy these albums. But this one’s good. Really good. It has a great mix of old school and upbeat. It’s just a lot of fun and the mixture of artists means that the sounds and styles are always changing. It’s hard to get bored with this album.You might have a hard time finding this one. I don’t think they still sell it. But if you have a chance to pick it up somewhere it’s pretty awesome.

So there you have it… What I’m listening to while I pretend the weather is cold enough for a hoodie, hot chocolate and a fire. If you are looking forward to Christmas like I am and want to check these albums out you won’t be disappointed. What about you? Comment below with your favorites and give me something new to try.

*PS Some of these links might be affiliate links… it’s ok it isn’t some kind of spam or anything, you can click them and you will be redirected to Amazon’s website.

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