My Garage (and Front Door) Makeover

So we got orders (shocker right?) and then we bought a house- like we usually do. And here’s the deal: my husband talked a good game and I was tired. That’s my only excuse. This newest house isn’t HORRIBLE but it definitely needs a lot of work. And about 40 years worth of updates. Thankfully the previous owners did a lot of the structural type work. The house has new windows, a new electrical panel and the old cast iron plumbing has all been replaced. So there’s that. And that’s about it. The entire inside of the house was painted some kind of mistint yellow (with the exception of the lime green bathroom), there’s a mirrored wall in the dining room, each room has different flooring and the yard had about 10 years worth of overgrowth. In Florida overgrowth means JUNGLE in case you were wondering. 

In a nutshell the house needs a pretty big facelift. But it’s going to be expensive and I’m impatient. So I spent the first 6 weeks after we unpacked ( and while the husband was off at training) to attack the jungle. Now Florida in July and August is just about the most miserable of miserable. It was hot. And it sucked. But it was worth it… I could actually see the front of my house. And I didn’t like it. It was boring without the jungle. So me and my bestie (Pinterest) went on an adventure to see what I could do about it. And GUYS!!!  I found something amazing.

Gel stain. It’s made by Minwax. If you buy it using this (affiliate) link from Amazon its actually a little cheaper than I saw it at one of the big home improvement stores- they call it wiping stain there if you can’t wait for Amazon to deliver it to you.

It’s amazing. Did I mention that? It comes in a lot of different colors- I picked cherrywood. With one quart I did 2 coats on my garage and front door and had some left over to start working on my shutters. Here’s what the process looked like:

Step 1: Start with a light color door that way you can make sure you are getting the true color. Start painting. I went in horizontal lines to mimic wood grain. Also… This stuff will kill your brush. I tried using a foam brush and that lasted about 5 minutes. A regular brush is better. Make sure you stir it up REALLY WELL. . . It goes on much better. 

Here’s the start of the first coat. It gets tacky quick. Be prepared. 

I did 2 coats that day and waited until the next day to put on a coat of exterior urithane. While I waited I primed my black front door and red shutters and gave them the same treatment. Here’s what I had at the end of those couple days:

Looks decent right? But it needed more. So I bought one of these cool garage kits (affiliate link again) to take it to the next level. Then I waited for the husband to install it. Because he’s better at that stuff than I am I I didn’t want to screw up the garage door. And this is what the finished product looks like:

And of course the front door:

Eventually, when I work up the energy to do it, I’m going to paint the exterior of the house. Until that happens though I’d say it looks pretty good. 


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